Funeral & Memorial Services

Funeral Support

When you have experienced a death in the family, our Pastoral Care Coordinators can liaise with you to help plan all the funeral details including selection of music, readings, printing of a booklet and familiarisation with general Catholic funeral procedures. This is whether you chose a Mass or prayers, burial or cremation. If you are planning a funeral elsewhere and just want some advice, please feel free to come and speak to us.

We also have a columbarium for the internment of parishioners’ ashes. The columbarium provides a unique opportunity for members of Corpus Christi Parish to securely house the remains of loved ones in a setting close to familiar surroundings where they worship and perhaps were baptized and married. To the living, it provides a spot for visitation, remembrance and prayer for the deceased. Please contact the Parish Office on 6291 6688 for more assistance.