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Welcome to Corpus Christi Parish

Welcome! Welcome!

Hello and welcome to our Corpus Christi Parish!  Whether you are looking for a parish to call home, visiting from out of town, or one of our current parish family members, we are blessed to have an encounter with you.

The Parish of Corpus Christi is a Roman Catholic church community called together as the body of Christ to worship and serve God our Father by our spiritual, pastoral and social service to the members of the parish and the wider community. Parish life at CCP isn’t just about Sundays, all year long we have events for your enjoyment and opportunities to grow your faith.

As people of diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds we welcome everyone as we invite new members to join our parish family. We strive to provide an atmosphere of acceptance in which each member feels welcomed, recognised and valued. Together we face the future with our hope anchored in Jesus Christ who is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

We hope that you will find a home at Corpus Christi and we will become a part of your spiritual life. Our bulletin will help you to  keep up to date with parish life and events, and of course we welcome enquiries to our parish office. We look forward to seeing you soon!

 Fr James T Antony CMI